Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Tale of Strong Women and Their Relationships--Kristin Hannah's "True Colors"

"True Colors" is Kristen Hannah's 27th novel, but it sure doesn't feel that way--it's still so fresh! The novel tells the story of the Grey sisters, successful but unlucky in love Winonna, perfect Aurora, and beautiful Vivi Ann. When Vivi Ann falls hard for a ranch hand, Dallas, on her family's ranch her life is forever changed. A few years into their marriage, Dallas is accused of murder. After a trial where he is defended by an incompetent lawyer, Dallas is convicted and sentenced to life in prison, leaving Vivi Ann on the outside with their young son, Noah. Will Vivi Ann be able to free Dallas, who she believes is innocent, without tearing her family apart? 

Like Hannah's other novels, "True Colors" is rich with emotion and drama. The three sisters are torn apart and come back together multiple times over the course of this nearly 400 page novel. You find yourself identifying with different sisters at different points in the novel, and each has her strengths and her flaws. The real star of the novel is the relationship between these ordinary women whose lives and torn apart by an extraordinary event and the resulting tragedy. This novel has a happier ending than some of Hannah's other stories, but it is no less emotional. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys stories about strong women and the bonds between them. This is a great, fast read.

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